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Play By Play
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Autre Ne Veut

..:: Autre Ne Veut - Play By Play ::..

I’ve been enjoying the direction electro-R&B has been going in lately. Earlier in the year we were treated to some that included an infusion of Toro y Moi's signature chillwave, and now we’ve got Autre Ne Veut coating the genre in buckets of glam on his second album Anxiety. “Play By Play” kicks off with an extended intro that includes cascading chimes and Arthur Ashin choking us out by dropping “baby” after “baby”. But eventually we get to that payoff in the second half of the song, it’s all made worth it. Arthur and his background singers drop us off the peak after that slow climb to the top and let us ride those “play by play (by play by play)’s” off into the sunset.

Music Video

autreneveut.com   21 03.01.13
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