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Rose Quartz
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Anything In Return
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Toro y Moi

..:: Toro y Moi - Rose Quartz ::.. 

2013 is here, I’m back from vacation, so it’s time to get down to business. What better way to kick things off than a track off of the best Toro y Moi album to date, Anything In Return. This really is the point where Chazwick has finally transcended the chillwave train (unlike contemporaries like Washed Out or Neon Indian) and claimed ownership of his own electro-r&b style. “Rose Quartz” is an example of him showcasing his true mastery of groove creation. Keys and synths — both frosty and warm — start spinning upwards before getting joined with a light, loungey funk that serves to draw everything together. Eventually, Chaz arrives with a hesitant request and admission to his troubled lover. “Don’t let me go, because I feel weak.” Well, Chaz, you don’t have anything to worry about from us, because this song is anything but.

toroymoi.com   25 01.13.13
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